How About A Little Weekend Get Away Babe? Part 1

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So, I was sitting in my living room Saturday and I call Abdul. I swear to God this is how the conversation went:

J: “What are you doing?”

Ab: “Why?”

J: “Just asking? I want to go out of town next weekend. I need a little get away.”

Ab: “Where do you want to go?”

J:”How about Costa Rica?”

Ab:”Costa Rica?”



J:”I want to go rafting.”

Ab:”You can’t swim.”

J:”So… You want to go?”

Ab: “Yeah. Sounds fun.”

(by the way he can’t swim either).

I got the tickets from Travelocity (6 hour layover in Mexico City — who cares we are going). I picked some adventures, arranged care for the kiddos and marked the time off in outlook. It’s was on!

Ab and J at DFW

Ab and J at DFW

Abdul was out of town on business in Chicago until the day before we were to fly out so I had to do his shopping: XXL grey shirts, cargo shorts (they had to be camoflouge) — do you have any idea how hard this is in winter? , shades, hiking boots… etc… etc… etc.. Boy I’m really racking up the good girlfriend points 🙂
I also find out that the car company I had arranged for at the airport was closed when our flight arrived. After a brief panic, I learned there is a national cab company in Costa Rica that would wisk us to our hotel for $20.00.
 We were both up until 4am trying to pack and get everything ready.We look pretty hot working on 2 hours of sleep.

Ab Adventure Sleeping

Ab Adventure Sleeping

Up next… travel.



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