Weekend Get Away Part 2: Travel

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So the last time you left us, we were at the airport working  with a couple of hours of sleep. Our flight from Dallas had a several hour layover in Mexico City. I won’t go into details about the logistics of the Mexico City airport, but you might want to bring a fan and some comfortable shoes if you plan on spending any time there. We step off the plane and immediately begin a hunt for Taqueria tacos (pollo con tortillas de maiz of course) — I am from Texas you know.

The Elusive Elote

The Elusive Elote

Alas, no authentic in airport taquerias to satisfy my craving for elote y tacos… I guess street food necessitates that you go on an actual street. Crap!

Oh well… always being ones to make the best of a situation we begin airport hiking to see if we can find something to tickle our collective fancy (hey who doesn’t love fancy tickling?)…

We decided to stop at a restaurant and eat. 

Travel Adventure: Ab's Prop Joy

Ab's Prop Joy

 The food was okay but, since Ab doesn’t eat cheese his selection was pretty sparse.  I always have to snap a few pics of whatever we eat to satisfy the inner Anthony Bourdain in me. This picture snapping prompted our waiter to burst in with props which were very well received by Ab.

You see the odd thing is that we selected the restaurant based on the wall

The Wall Menu
The Wall Menu

menu outside. “Amazingly” the menu inside did not match the illustrious wall menu at all.  This is a trip planned in a week so, I’m rolling with the punches.

While in the Mexico City airport we learned two very important lessons:

1. Fanny packs are still in style in many parts of the world.
2. Smoking kills.
What? Smoking is Dangerous

What? Smoking is Dangerous


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