Weekend Get Away Part 4: Rafting

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The Raft

The Raft

So Ab and I can’t swim. If there are 2 people that can’t swim, what better thing to do thousands of miles away from home no where near medical personnel than to jump into a piece of inflatable plastic in fast moving water? I’m waiting… See you can’t think of anything either.


Costa Rica is well known for adventure sports and has many rivers well suited for rafted.  We were tackeling the Pacuare River which has class II through IV level rapids. ‘Cuz we don’t need no stinking entry level rapids!

Ab was very apprehensive about rafting…  hahah.. Kidding… The guides gave us some introductory lessons “Forward left”, “Forward right” “Back”

Ab's Pensive Raft Pose

Ab's Pensive Raft Pose

 “Down!”  “Oh Shit”  that’s not really one but I heard it a lot on the raft :). The first day, rafting in the rapids were pretty tame. It rained over night which took the rapids up a notch. You have not lived until you have been completely under muddy water with complete strangers.  We rafted in with a couple from Boston that were quite the athletic pair. I will not comment on the picture snapping couple we rafted out with.

The Costa Rican rain forest is definitely one of the coolest places I’ve ever been in my life. I could have easily spent a week or a month just disconnecting from everyday life there. It felt really freeing to be out there on the raft filthy in the water.

In the Rapids

In the Rapids

On the Raft

On the Raft


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