Weekend Get Away Part 5: Zip Lining

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Well rafting in rain forest and sleeping in a hut just weren’t enough for us to maximize our Costa Rican fun. What other nice relaxing things can we do…. oh I don’t know…. what to do…what to do. How about being suspended 80+ feet in the air on a cable and sliding between trees faster than you can ride a bike? Good idea!

Side note.. it is probably not a good idea for the adventure guides to tell a story about how one of the workers cut three of his fingers off due to his hand being in the wrong position before your turn… I’m just saying…You know for marketing purposes you probably want to save that story to the end. Make a mental note.

Adventuring Couple from Boston

Adventuring Boston Couple

After eating we went to the hut and changed for zip lining. Hat check – check. Gloves – check . Weird crotch harness thingy – check. One other couple from Boston went with us. The hubby said one of the funniest lines I have ever heard while adventuring “Oh God do I have to go on that?!? I think my balls just went back into my body.”

We were dressed and ready to go!

  The guides might have left out one tiny detail about zip lining — the 20 minute hike straight up the side of a muddy mountain side. Yeah. Now, I like a a little jungle hike in the heat as much as the next girl, but a little warning might be nice :).
Costa Rica Zip Line Adventure

Going Up the Side of the Hill on the "Trail"

After we we made it to the top of the hill, the guides explained to us how the zip lining would work. Looks easy enough. The course consisted of about 12 zip lines high in the tree tops and ended with a repel back to the ground.

It started to rain just a bit but it was a welcome development — for me at least.

We also so quite a few bullet ants. With my very extensive research of the rain forest (watching something on Discovery Channel because I couldn’t find the remote) I knew to stay away from those bad boys.

What's Up with this Pose Dude

What's Up with this Pose Dude

So I’m all gung ho to get on the zip line right. And wouldn’t you know while I’m all big talk I get stuck in the middle of the zip line! wth?
When you get stuck on the zip line, you have to pull yourself across. Luckily, I’ve been doing a lot of tricep work in the gym so I had it waaay under control.
Ab was a natural at zip lining (I mean other than hitting the tree at the end — yeah other than that he was perfect heheh.)
Ab on Zip Line
Ab on Zip Line

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