Unbridled Lust…

We are having travel lust… Pure raw animalistic lust… National Geographic Adventure has published a list of the Top 25 trips for 2010.

  • Oh my my my… It is our goal to take each one of these trips before we die..

Even if these trips don’t suit your fancy check out the adventure travel companies associated with each link. They have lots of unique offerings for the intrepid among you.

The trip to Nepal looks awesome and who wouldn’t want to go to Bhutan?

Tonight we shall have sweet dreams cuddled up next to our laptops with heads full of adventures to be…

Good ‘ole National Geographic. Who knew you were good for something other than showing little boys their first set of naked breasts?



  1. So the plan is to add Alaska to the list, become independently wealthy so our travel schedule wont be restricted by the man, then do at least 2 of these trips per year.

    • lol @ the man… Do they call you “the man” at your office 🙂 Alaska added… check!

      • my great aunts cruised to alaska 5 times… that’s how much they loved it! i plan to go there one day myself 🙂

  2. It’s good to see people making plans to travel the world for adventure before they die. I’m always curious to what stops them. I’m always interested in people of color out there doing exciting things. Share your experiences at http://www.joytripproject.com Thanks Josette for creating your awesome web site!

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