Identify Much?

Okay this is funny. We soooo identify with Blair’s experience in this video. Hell we should be in this video! Check out the lady that snaps the quick photo. We are so laughing.

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  1. Word…The story of my life. Mountain biking, sky diving, bungy jumping, motorcycle road racing, parties, many of my graduate degree I was the only black person there. I’ve gotten strange reactions. And this is almost exactly how folks reacted when we went to Texas Motor Speedway with all the kids. The people were like what the hell!!!!

    I don’t mind being the only black person. But, it’s not like i prefer hangin with white folks more so that black or other folks, i mean it”s cool and all but it’s not like I’m specifically seeking it out. It just so happens that i/we enjoy some of the same things, so we end up at some of the same places. Not really sure why other black folks aren’t there.

    • I love this site and find it very intriguing. I have black friends and black relatives but I am white. I was wondering about your comment on why more black people don’t do these things. Do you think that possibly some certainly not all blacks might perceive these activities as “white” and don’t want to be seen doing them? I have no idea and have never thought about it really. I myself have not done any of these things either. Hoping my future will lighten up a bit so I can. Money, time constraints, never the “right time” you name it all the excuses are there. But I want to hike and try the zipline maybe in Jamaica or Costa Rica I think? Avid Travel Channel watchers here 🙂 Afraid of heights so no to the bungee jumping! Anyway, great site you two have here so keep it up.

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