Who Are We?

Abdul & J
Ab & J

Hi! We are Abdul & J. Welcome to our blog. You can follow along with our many adventures for as long as we continue to have them.

We met in mid 2009, online, but found out we lived 10 minutes apart. We’ve both been married twice and each have three kids. Neither of us eats red meat or pork. The similarities didn’t stop there. We’re both in IT. We laugh at the same things. We like the same food, same music, same movies & TV shows, and perhaps most importantly the same adventures! If it’s fast, crazy, or causes your heart to feel like it’s about to pop — we’ll do it at least twice (first time could have been a fluke).
When we plan on doing something, we typically get the same response
“You’re doing what?
Black people do that?!?”
Yep… Yes we do and we are always having a blast!
The next big adventure is supposed to be the Grand Canyon with all six kiddos in tow. (Yes we are the black Brady Bunch).
Our dream is to go on the Amazing Race. We hope you enjoy and feel free to recommend our next escapade.


  1. Awesome site. Don’t stop being adventures. Just had a question for you guys.. Do you have a bucket list?

    • Hmmm what do I want to do before I die… There’s just 3 items on that list for me:
      – have fun
      – be happy
      – love someone without caring if they love me back

      How about you Ab?

      • You don’t need a bucket list when you approach life with an open mind and adventurous spirit.

      • Love someone without caring if they love me back?? Interesting.. Love the blog. Please next time I’m in Dallas take me to the bungee jump place. Please..

  2. You GO Girl! I miss you my friend and I am so very happy that you have found love! We must get together soon! This site is waaaay cute! Love ya!

  3. My wife and I also kayak, hike , snowboard, sled down volcanoes and zip line. Keep it up.


  4. This is quite cool~
    i’ve recently been on a couple of hiking trips, but it’s very rare to see us.

  5. Awesome little site, found you guys by chance through an ad. the name cracked me up haha. Keep it up guys =)

  6. Lol, I love this site – particularly the name. One of the reasons I started my own. Good Job!!!


  7. This is so great. I love this and that you two do great things together and with the kids. I am originally from Dallas so the next time I am in the area, I will try and look you guys up. 🙂 I love doing different things, so I am looking forward to following you guys suggestions!!! Keep it up! This is fabulous!

  8. I love your sense of adventure! The blog is great.

    I found you via Outdoor Afro.

    PS No, I’m not so adventurous but I’m am working on it!

    • We are glad you enjoyed. No need to work on it. Just let it happen. Just go on a trip and do one thing that you wouldn’t normally do. Have fun out there !

  9. My husband is scared of lizards, seriously!

    If I am going to go on an adventure, I have to depend on my teenager and you know he’ll soon start hating having mom come along.

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