Identify Much?

Okay this is funny. We soooo identify with Blair’s experience in this video. Hell we should be in this video! Check out the lady that snaps the quick photo. We are so laughing.

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Unbridled Lust…

We are having travel lust… Pure raw animalistic lust… National Geographic Adventure has published a list of the Top 25 trips for 2010.

  • Oh my my my… It is our goal to take each one of these trips before we die..

Even if these trips don’t suit your fancy check out the adventure travel companies associated with each link. They have lots of unique offerings for the intrepid among you.

The trip to Nepal looks awesome and who wouldn’t want to go to Bhutan?

Tonight we shall have sweet dreams cuddled up next to our laptops with heads full of adventures to be…

Good ‘ole National Geographic. Who knew you were good for something other than showing little boys their first set of naked breasts?

Off to a Rocky Start

Dallas Rock Indoor Rock Climbing

Actual Good Indoor Rock Climbers

Saturday, Ab and I decided to go indoor rock climbing at Dallas Rocks . I had heard that it was really good for bouldering — not that I have ANY competency in bouldering. That’s just what I heard. (I didn’t want you to have any misconceptions there :)) The facility had plenty of space and well laid out. However, you might not want to go on a Saturday. They were having a birthday party (or several) with about a kajillion (what do you mean that’s not a real number?) kids which meant our instruction was a bit rushed and a few parts left out. We didn’t learn until we were leaving that the colored tape designated paths up the wall that range from 5.5 (easy) to 5.xx (yeah right buddy). Oh well we will leverage that little nugget of knowledge next time.

Rock climbing is one of those things that looks really fun and is packed with mental and physical challenges. There’s just one teeny tiny problem.. It’s hard as hell. We are never ones to pass up a challenge, so we got outfitted with harness, shoes and a shared bag of chalk. It cost about $49.00 for three people (my oldest son was with us).

We tried top roping and free climbing (bouldering) walls since you have to have a special certification to do lead climbing (not that there was any chance what so ever that I was going to attempt lead climbing).

I can’t by any stretch of the imagination say we have any level of expertise at climbing, but it was fun. We’re going to do it again. It seems like something we should be better at. Maybe next time we should splurge for a lesson.

Coming Up Next…

Urban Dare

Urban Dare

Ab and I are competing the the Urban Dare adventure race on 12/12 in Ft.Worth. Urban Dare is a race involving physical or mental dares, trivia, and photos. 2 person teams try to solve clues and be the first to finish. An example clue from the DC race:

 He settled a dispute over this moniker in an eight-hour shooting match with William Comstock. You’ll need to be a good shot, too. Visit his place and throw a bull’s-eye to move on. This dare does not open until 11:30. Plan your course accordingly.

The course is usually 5 to 7 miles and has a 5 hour time limit. You can not drive or bike to find the check points –  you have to walk, run, or use public transportation (yeah, okay). You can use mobile devices.

If you are in DFW on 12/12 come cheer us on. You know how I feel about winning — It’s how you play the game & whether you win or lose — don’t get it twisted lol.


Bored Kid? How’s About a Little MMA

Well, it’s not just Abdul and I that have adventures. We involve the entire gang. This week Khalil (my oldest) started MMA. I’m sure I’ll be getting some kind of parenting award any day now for letting my 14 year old cage fight…. Either that or a call from CPS…

Ahhh… good times!


Rock On!

Ab likes heavy metal. If you have read other posts on this blog this should come as no shock to you. So now that you’ve come to terms with the obvious, “What black people listen to heavy metal?” question, let’s move on. We decided

Double Wide

Double Wide

 to check out a local metal band at Double Wide near downtown Dallas the day before Halloween. It’s kind of a dive bar with an eccletic sense of style. Double Wide has weekly concerts that cost $5.00 and make a stiff drink at the bar. It’s definitely not a polished pretty people kind of place.

Blood on the Moors was playing. We had a blast (in spite of the Springsteen cover band that played first).

I definitely recommend a visit to this spot for anyone that loves eccletic experiences and getting away from the normal pick up spots.


Ab and I Rocking Out


Blood on The Moors

A Cutting Edge Date

Outside Cutting Edge Haunted House

Outside Cutting Edge Haunted House

Ok ok ok I admit it… I’m cheesy. I like corny SyFy channel movies and silly jokes. I love Halloween and haunted houses. Luckily, the DFW metroplex is filled with haunted houses including what Guiness has called the world’s biggest — Cutting Edge in Ft.Worth.

The line for the place was literally 2 hours long, so Ab spluged an extra $10.00 for the speed pass (love you babe!) bringing the total to $38.50 per person.. The speed pass was so worth it. You get to walk to the front of the line right past all of the mere mortals 🙂 I’m thinking this thing better stupid freaking awesome for that price.

I couldn’t take pictures or video because no purses are allowed inside. To say the place is huge is an understatement. 


Cutting Edge Monster

 The effects are good. The layout and attention to detail is better than I’ve seen. You’ll read all kinds of posts about what so cool about the place but here’s what you want to consider:

  • It’s super dark. You can’t really see all of the effects because it is SOOOOOOOOO dark.
  • Pee before you go in. It’s a long walk. Enough said.
  • Don’t go during a peak hour. You’ll be so close to the people in front of you that the startle factor will be ruined. You’ll see everything that’s about to happen.
  • Buy the speed pass
  • They should have invested in smells. I always thinks haunted houses that use smells effectively are somehow scarier. Temperature adjustments help too.

If you are in DFW the place is definitely worth a visit. I mean it’s the biggest haunted house in the world – that designation alone makes it some place you have to stop by.