Cold, Covered in Paint, And Crawling Through Mud… Now That’s A Date!


Arm By Paint Ball

Arm By Paint Ball


It pretty much goes without saying that our idea of a fun date doesn’t exactly line up with your typical internet dating site “What’s Your Idea of a Fun Date” response. Therefore, it shouldn’t shock you that we were completely amped about spending 5 hours in 40 degree weather, covered in mud & paint, crawling through the woods in Roanoke, TX at DFW Adventure Park.

This place is in the middle of


Paintball Adventure Course

Paintball Adventure Course


nowhere (we passed a house with a cow in the front yard) and is huge. They have about 20 paint ball courses, a Moto Cross course, and zip lining. It’s not your typical throw up a few inflatables or barriers and call it a day type of place. Many of the courses involve water, bridges, forest, and buildings.

We had a blast! The funniest part of the entire day was that we decided to go eat at a restaurant immediately after paintball with no wardrobe change or shower. That was very amusing to say the least :).

Enjoy the videos! In order: (1)Interviews — just Ab and I discussing our mad paintball skills. (2) The Action — paint ball action video (3) The Wardrobe Change — J might have gotten a little cold punked out and went and bought some camo… Not saying it’s true but there’s this ugly rumor floating around.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Date Night… What to Do… What to Do…

The conversation went:

J: “I’m bored do you want to do something tonight?”

Ab: “Sure, but what?”

J: “How about we go do a 100 foot free fall?”

Ab: “What?”

J:”A free fall…”

Ab: “Umm… sure let’s go”

and that’s why I love this guy! This weeks date night is brought to you courtesy of Zero Gravity an adventure theme park in Dallas. They have five rides:

  • Bungee Jump
  • Free Fall
  • Sky Coaster
  • Texas Blast Off
  • The Skyscraper

texasblastoffMy favorite ride was the Texas Blast Off (left) which is basically you being shot into the air in a giant hamster ball like contraption. Ab liked the Skyscraper — he rode it twice. It made me feel like I was about to barrel to my death. I normally enjoy that feeling but something about my broken body laying on highway 35 broke my confidence down.

The free fall (first video below) was pretty cool, but I hit my head and wound up with a head ache. Abdul used my extra ride ticket to ride the Skyscraper again.