Date Night… What to Do… What to Do…

The conversation went:

J: “I’m bored do you want to do something tonight?”

Ab: “Sure, but what?”

J: “How about we go do a 100 foot free fall?”

Ab: “What?”

J:”A free fall…”

Ab: “Umm… sure let’s go”

and that’s why I love this guy! This weeks date night is brought to you courtesy of Zero Gravity an adventure theme park in Dallas. They have five rides:

  • Bungee Jump
  • Free Fall
  • Sky Coaster
  • Texas Blast Off
  • The Skyscraper

texasblastoffMy favorite ride was the Texas Blast Off (left) which is basically you being shot into the air in a giant hamster ball like contraption. Ab liked the Skyscraper — he rode it twice. It made me feel like I was about to barrel to my death. I normally enjoy that feeling but something about my broken body laying on highway 35 broke my confidence down.

The free fall (first video below) was pretty cool, but I hit my head and wound up with a head ache. Abdul used my extra ride ticket to ride the Skyscraper again.