Rock On!

Ab likes heavy metal. If you have read other posts on this blog this should come as no shock to you. So now that you’ve come to terms with the obvious, “What black people listen to heavy metal?” question, let’s move on. We decided

Double Wide

Double Wide

 to check out a local metal band at Double Wide near downtown Dallas the day before Halloween. It’s kind of a dive bar with an eccletic sense of style. Double Wide has weekly concerts that cost $5.00 and make a stiff drink at the bar. It’s definitely not a polished pretty people kind of place.

Blood on the Moors was playing. We had a blast (in spite of the Springsteen cover band that played first).

I definitely recommend a visit to this spot for anyone that loves eccletic experiences and getting away from the normal pick up spots.


Ab and I Rocking Out


Blood on The Moors