Why The Title?


What the Hell?

This blog is not intended to be a social statement. It is meant to entertain and possibly give you some fun concepts of things to do. You only live once, so live without trepidation!

We got the idea for the blog because each time we spoke with someone regarding our next date or trip idea we received a similar response which usually started with the words:

“Wow you guys are doing xxxx? I didn’t know black people xxxx”

Apparently, a secret list has been developed of “black approved” activities that Ab and I missed. If you have it handy kindly send us a copy 🙂

We heard the same question so much, one night we said we should start a blog! And thus this masterful work was born.

Now you know the story. Don’t you feel smart?




  1. adding your site to my blogroll, found you on Outdoor Afro!

  2. Love it. We have gotten asked that for years!

  3. Oh this is sweet.

    Love it.

  4. Just came across your blog. Curiosity lead me to a Google search that located this page.

    Its exciting to know that other black people are not missing out on the fun and adventure that is offered in the world.

  5. I’m familiar with the WDDT List you speak of — the “WE Don’t Do That!” list. I’d be glad to forward you a copy, except that I can’t seem to keep one. Every time I get my hands on a copy, I ball it up, set it afire and piss on the ashes.

    It seems to be some sort of reflex — one that I will keep, God willing, to the end of my days.

    Good for you and good for your site. Never stop. And yes, you’re going on my blogroll!

    Greg Gross, editor
    “I’m Black & I Travel!

  6. Cool site!

    When we purchased our travel trailer, we thought of getting personalized plates that played on the words “We Camp Too”. Not wanting to spend the money, we decided to spend a few dollars on the URL for Black Campers.

    Love this article! I received that same comment over the pat 10 years.

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